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#Graz #Zentralfriedhof

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Felicidades, Comandante!

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Guerrilla Fighters of Kurdistan

In March of 2015, I set off to the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Syria to begin a new personal project. In the beginning, I thought perhaps it would be a still photography trip only. But just as I left the door, I decided to grab my GoPro kit in case anything interesting happened and I could just film it myself. This is that footage.

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After the Kurdish YPG Forces have liberated the ISIS Stronghold Girê Spî, this Female Fighter found a weakened white dove on the battlefield and takes care of it.

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The Angelcy - Freedom Fighters 

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The Angelcy - My Baby Boy 

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The Angelcy - Dreamer

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Germany, Berlin, in Front of German Parliament, 100 Graves

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Germany, Giessen, June 21 2015

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“Österreich in zwei Sätzen”

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Black Pepper Stir Fried Noodles / Recipe

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The mole experiment: With the intention of bringing the tropics to our cold city, I gathered some friends into my kitchen to partake in a creating a tropical feast. All hands were on deck to attempt making mole poblano - a first for all of us. We used over 20 ingredients to create what turned out to be a delectable Mexican sauce that we poured over chicken and garlic rice. Delicioso!

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